Let’s help each other…

… to bring more cyclists to the Black Isle, more often, for more of the year.

We’re all about visitors enjoying everything the Black Isle already has to offer, but doing it (or at least some of it) by bike. So our success depends on developing the area as a top cycling destination, and cycling is a growing market. Transport Scotland’s 2013 report finds that “the total value of cycle tourism – by residents and visitors, touring and leisure cycling – in Scotland is up to £239m per year. “ It points out that this growth in cycle tourism is “making rural communities more vibrant and contributing to local economies” (for full report see The Value of Cycle Tourism).

What can Black Isle Bicycles do to help you?

The Black Isle has a lot to offer in a relatively small area, perfect for cyclists. We can help you to reach cyclists and encourage them to come to your cafe, stay in your accommodation, visit your attraction, try your activity. For example, we can advise on how to support cyclists with route advice, repair advice, offering basic accessories such as puncture repair kits, bike parking etc.

Visit Scotland and CTC Cyclists Welcome Schemes Visit Scotland and CTC logos

For members of Visit Scotland’s Quality Assurance Scheme there’s a free VisitScotland Cyclists Welcome Scheme. There’s also the long-standing Cycling Tourist Club’s Cyclists Welcome Scheme which normally costs £40 per year, but through BIB you can join for just £35. Or sign up FREE for the first three months and then decide. Both these schemes let cyclists find you easily through market-leading websites. We can help you apply, for example by providing route information and maps for your customers to use. Just get in touch to find out more.


The Electric Bicycle Network

Reach potential customers directly, build your green business credentials, join in with a growing market: for just £24 per annum you could become a charging point for electric bicycles through the Electric Bicycle Network. Find out more here.

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